Top 10 reasons you should quit IT field

If you are an IT pro, you know that IT is a tough field and you should keep yourself updated with latest development in your field of work as well as other technological advancements. If you are not really up for the challenge, there will be someone else who is.

There is a question, how do you know whether you are really suitable for IT or not? Here are Top 10 reasons you should quit IT field, which describe that you are not fitting into this field.

1. Lack of patience

IT requires patience, if some problem occurs, whether it’s in the code, network, DB or anywhere related to IT, it requires time and patience to debug and solve it. If you don’t have patience you will give up, you will lose your mind, you will lose the track. There is another way of your patience being tested and that is by the end user. The problem is, sometimes end user doesn’t know anything about technology and they ask you questions to frustrate you. If you lose patience you are not fit for this field.

2. Not willing to continue the education

IT is always evolving to new standards, methods, technologies, frameworks etc. If you don’t have a desire to continuous learning, you cannot keep up the pace with this field. You should always be constantly learning something new. Learning new things can be in the form of taking classes, attending workshops, doing certification or reading technical stuff either online or in the form of physical books.

3. No work outside 9-to-5

Disaster doesn’t come within 9-to-5. Servers can go down whenever they want. Machines can stop working at any time. Also you cannot do the deployments in working hours but the business must go on. So you should be willing to work outside of office hours. It might be a midnight when you have to bring the server up and running. If you refuse to work like this, you are out of this field

4. You don’t like customers/end users

IT field doesn’t build anything for machines; it builds the systems for customers, clients and end users. If you don’t like to interact with them, you don’t want to listen to them, you don’t want to solve their problems then you should consider changing your career.

5. You give up too quickly

This means how much consistent you are in solving a problem, you give up too quickly or you go till the end to resolve the issue. If you give up too quickly that means you left the problem unsolved which is not an acceptable approach in the field of IT.

6. You get frustrated easily

In this field anyone can get frustrated. If you become frustrated too quickly and you can’t keep your nerves calm then you will be suffering from high blood pressure all the time. In this case definitely it’s not a right field for you.

7. No multitasking

In the field of IT everybody is doing multitasking, i.e. doing multiple things at a given point in a day. You might be handling multiple projects, dealing with multiple issues at the same time. If you try to stick to one task at a time, this field is not going to accept you as a pro. This doesn’t mean that single minded people cannot succeed in this field but they will have a tougher time as compared to the multitasking pro.

8. Dream of big promotions

In the field of IT you cannot get big promotions, or you cannot climb up the corporate ladder. If you dream of climbing up and getting more promotions then you should consider going to some other field. Because in IT you can go to CIO at max, but if you are aiming to become CEO then IT might not be a right field for you.

9. You hate technology

If you hate technology and you still work in this field which you hate, there will be an added level of frustration you will experience and it might end up your career earlier than expected.

10. 24/7 availability

You shouldn’t turn you phone off at night but you should be available 24/7. Many IT pros work like this and their routine revolve around networks. If they don’t want to work like this, they might not have their jobs in hand. Sometimes IT job runs in the background waiting to pull you from sleep, family functions, and birthday parties. If you tend to turn you phone off after work hours or ignore calls from office then you are not fit for this field.

If you suffer from any of the signs above, don’t consider yourself out of this field but there are few more signs out of above ones appearing in you then should rethink over your career choice.

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