A new way of getting help online

Here is A new way of getting help online and that is Wizpert. Wizpert is an online community of experts available to help people to resolve their issues there and then.

Things are changing and now people don’t have time to post an issue to a blog or forum and wait to get an answer. Now people can go to Wizpert and immediately talk to an expert to get the problem resolution.

Currently Wizpert is in beta phase and people can get free help from Wizperts. Later in future people will have to pay a little in order to get their problem resolved.

So lets talk about how to get help.

1. Go to the Wizpert URL, You will see the screen below if you are not a member, right now the membership is invite based. You can get an invite by providing your email address.


2. If you are a member then the below screen will be displayed to you

Select Wizpert


3. You have to select the category in which you are facing an issue and want to get it resolved.

After drilling down to the specific category you can select the best suitable Wizpert and chat with him.

Select Wizpert

4. Also the system will also show you the list of online Wizperts as well as offline Wizperts but you can only chose the one who is online.

Talk to a Wizpert

5. And this point is specifically for all the Wizperts, if you would like to place a Wizpert button on your blog directly in order to get people’s request. Just follow the steps described in the “Marketing” tab of your account “Settings” page. You will be able to place a button like shown below.

Blog Button

6. Last but not least, Wizperts can manage their profile/account information through the options described in below image.Wizpert Settings

So start using Wizpert and explore a new and exciting way of communication….


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