Illegal and Unlawful US Drone Strikes in Pakistan

Have a look at the details of Illegal and Unlawful US Drone Strikes in Pakistan

US is attacking militants in Pakistan since 2004 but its not all about militants who become the target for these attacks. There are civilians including innocent women, children and men who have nothing to do with these militants but they are being strongly affected by these drone strikes that shows there are strong loopholes/flaws in the drone strikes which is killing civilians.

This act of killing is no way legal and lawful by any means. More than 2500 civilians have been killed in these attacks apart from the militants count who are killed.

US has no right to kill civilians and how they justify these killings.

Amnesty International has come with a comprehensive report on these drone attacks which explains the situation very well.

How do they justify the killing of a grandmother in a drone attack, she was no way a militant or their supporter. See the link below:

Amnesty International named their report “U.S. Drones: Will I be the next?

See the link below:

As I said previously 2500+ killed in Pakistan due to these drone attacks. See the details below:

A project is being launched with the name of “Naming the dead” which is to track the deaths and data about dead people (including the names, identification and other relevant information) in these drone strikes in Pakistan. See the link below for this:

You can see the interview of a drone operator who quits his job because he thinks killing innocent people is not the right job.

You can see the details on Wikipedia regarding these drone attacks

Have a look at the latest protest carried out by Imran Khan, PTI chairman and it ripple effects on the media:

See the link below to have a look at the protest carried out in US against these drone strikes:

Now you have a clear picture about these drone attacks which are completely illegal and unlawful, and they should be stopped.

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