Senior Network Engineer at Qatar

Senior Network Engineer at Qatar

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Senior Network Engineer responsible for analysing, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing of network infrastructure and application components. Senior Network Engineer performs a wide variety of evaluation, maintenance, installation and training tasks to ensure the computer network performance meets user satisfaction.

1. Maintain a thorough understanding of the basics behind the Internet and its workings (DNS, Security, IP Routing, HTTP, VPN, Email Routing, SPAM, etc.)
2. Configure and setup Cisco Firewalls, VPN and Security appliances for access to vital business applications
3. Design, setup and configure complex switching environments
4. Design, setup and configure complex wireless networking that supports open or secured access and the ability to support voice and video applications
5. Maintain a thorough understanding of Local Area Networking
6. Assist in the design of multi-server environments including IP address schemes, DNS, WINS, Ether-Channel (Bonding), etc.
7. Configuring and installing client and server network software for upgrading and maintaining network and telecommunication systems.
8. Maintaining multi-site network operations and software applications, operating systems and regular maintenance with both private and public facilities
9. Managing assigned projects and program components to deliver services in accordance with established objectives.
10. Responding to inquiries from staff, administrators, service providers, site personnel and outside vendors and etc. to provide technical assistance and support
11. Supervising the administration of systems and servers related network to ensure availability of services to authorized users.
12. Troubleshooting malfunctions of network hardware and software applications, telephones and security systems to resolve operational issues and restore services.
13. Maximizes network performance by monitoring performance; troubleshooting network problems and outages; scheduling upgrades.
14. Secures network system by establishing and enforcing policies; defining and monitoring access.

• Certifications: MCSE, CCNA, CCNP & CCDA
• Experienced in availability and capacity management
• Knowledge of VoIP implementation and support
• Maintain network security through proper configuration of VPN and Firewalls
• Familiarity with Service Delivery standards and frameworks

Please send your cv to if you match the job criteria.

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