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Last Date for Online Deliverable Submission for regional finals of Imagine Cup 2014 is 12th April, 2014 11:00 PM (Pakistan Time)

The clock is ticking and submission date for Imagine Cup regional finals is approaching near. If you are a contestant for Imagine Cup 2014 from Pakistan, please note that the last date for submission of project deliverables for regional finals is 12th April, 2014, 11:00 PM (Pakistan Time).

-For Evaluation: Project deliverables submitted by team on Imagine Cup portal will be considered. Submission will not be accepted via USB, One Drive, DVD or any other

-Microsoft Pakistan will be evaluating only those projects that are submitted on the Imagine Cup portal prior mentioned due date: 12th April, 2014 10:30PM (Pakistan Standard Time)

-It is team’s responsibility to identify and submit all due deliverables prior above mentioned date

-To ensure any undue delays and smoother submission, Please start submitting projects Online well before the deadline and do not wait for the very last minute.

-Regional Final will be held at Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad on 15th April, 2014.

  1. Teams from Gujrat till Bahawalpur will be evaluated at Lahore
  2. Teams from Islamabad/Rawalpindi, KPK, Gilgit & AJK will be evaluated at Islamabad
  3. Teams from Sindh & Baluchistan will be evaluated at Karachi

-Microsoft will not arrange for boarding & lodging of teams traveling to participate for Regional & National Finals

-The Shortlisted team qualifying for National Final will be announced by 17th April, 2014.

-National Final will be held on any day between 21st and 24th April, 2014,

-The teams will be given 3 day prior notice to appear in the National Final

-The location of Imagine Cup will be announced by 17th April, 2014.

Please wait for further communication on Imagine Cup Regional Final or stay connected with us through our official Facebook page.


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