Ultimus BPM studio fails on generating step assembly

Ultimus BPM Suit is one of the best business process management tools which gives you the ability to create business processes graphically, manage them, integrate ASP.NET website with the step forms and lots of more. If you are publishing a process on Ultimus BPM studio v 8.2, Ultimus BPM studio fails on generating step assembly. It gives the following error:

error - Copy

This error is most likely because your MS DTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) settings are incorrect on you Ultimus or DB server(s).

In order to check the MS DTC settings, go to Start Menu->Administrative Tools->Component Services->Computers->My Computer->Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Right click on the Local DTC node and click on properties. Go to ‘security’ tab, and see if your local DTC security settings resembles the following image, if not you have to correct it.

DTC Settings


You have to check these settings on the DB server as well as all the Ultimus servers included in the NLB (Network Load Balancing) configuration (if you are using NLB).

Now restart the Ultimus services and login to Ultimus BPM studio again and try to publish the process, hopefully the problem will be resolved.