Brand yourself for your career success

You ever had a feeling that someone else is getting credit for your good work. It’s a truth which we cannot deny and that someone can be your colleague, your manager, your subordinate (who is trying to be smart in front of management). So you should brand yourself for your career success and to avoid such kind of situations.

You will notice, only those people will have enjoyed far greater success who have been the most conscious of the importance of their reputation, or “brand”. This means that the competent individuals who put little more effort to be properly recognized for their success are the one enjoying long term benefits. Although there might be some other people as well who were part of that particular success story.

This doesn’t mean that they didn’t share the success recognition with others who deserved it as well. But the way they reinforced their value to the organization without taking away the value of others who were also involved is good. It’s a good management approach as well as a smart career strategy.

You can think of it in another way e.g. you are looking for someone internally to head an important department, selecting the lead for a new initiative or want to make an existing department more efficient, the first person comes to your mind is the one having reputation of getting things done.

In the same way, if you are looking to hire someone who can bring fresh and innovative ideas, you will go to find out a person in the industry who has a good reputation or brand.

So in the end it is always for your benefit to build up your brand. If you are starting a new business, focus on one-branding approach, select your brand carefully and go for it. Same goes for the corporate as well. Success of individuals benefits the organization. Do not let anybody to steal your ideas. Strive for smart career management by taking credit of your work.